But I deserve it…

A group of individuals, not particularly trained or skilled but competent enough, began stealing buses in various cities around the United States. Now, rather than go on destructive rampages or other things the average criminal is wont to do, these bandits instead took up old bus routes, and gave rides to people for free. Never […]

REAL Fantasy Football

The quarterback looks to his right before the snap. His receiver, in a scarlet uniform, is being covered tightly by the opposing team’s shutdown corner. Hiking the ball, he quickly takes a three step drop. Not seeing any reads he likes, he dodges the oncoming pass rush with an almost supernatural presence before firing to […]

2016-2017 Division Winners!

With the 2015-2016 NFL season on the books, it’s naturally time to move on. But move on to the off-season? Boring. Moving on to predicting next season’s division winners? Yes. Too early? Probably. Will all my predictions be correct? Definitely (a maybe). Without further ado, your 2016-2017 Division Winners! (Alongside awards of note) AFC North: […]

Superbowl Recap

2nd and goal. 1 time out. Game on the line. Marshawn Lynch in the backfield. Wilson lines up in shotgun, calls hike. Clock ticks down, a second goes by. Suddenly, everything goes haywire. A poorly timed and executed throw leads to a New England interception on the goal line. Mr. Magic Wilson, who people have […]

The Price of Progressivism

Think about the word “Progress”. Undoubtedly, it brings different things to mind. On one hand, there’s the more literal definition of moving forwards, especially as it relates to improving something. The progress of technology is a fine example. The other meaning undoubtedly relates to the idea and ideals of “Progressivism ” centered around a different […]