Fight of the Week!

This week, we have two of the most powerful Villains in the DC universe, Black Adam versus Doomsday!

Doomsday is one of the more famous villains in DC for a single act, in a single storyline: killing Superman. Doomsday was brought to primordial krypton by a scientist, who attempted to create the perfect weapon. He dropped the unmutated Doomsday on primordial krypton, the harshest natural environment in the universe. After dying over and over, only to be brought back to life and sent back, Doomsday eventually mutated into possessing the capabilities to not only survive the environment, but the host of predators. Eventually, Doomsday escaped on the ship of the scientist, and ventured forth into he universe, causing destruction. However, he was not without his defeats. He was killed more than once, and banished into a black hole by a green lantern guardian. Doomsday’s healing capabilities are incredible, along with strength and durability matched only by Superman level might. Doomsday does have a weakness, however, in that eventually after he was defeated enough he gained sentience, and understood the fear of dying again. This “weakness”, the loss of his animal nature, allowed Superman to defeat him easily one on one. Another liability for Doomsday is that the destruction of his skull and brain causes permanent death. In the Justice Lords universe, their Superman permanently killed Doomsday by incinerating his brain. In addition, Doomsday was killed after his skull was obliterated by the Super-Family, Superman, Superboy,and Supergirl.

Doomsday’s opponent, a title that nearly any other being would tremble in fear at, is Black Adam. Black Adam was the first being empowered by the nearly omnipotent wizard Shazam. Shazam granted Black Adam the powers of the Egyptian deities, forming the acronym that is the word of power changing the original Black Adam, a champion of the Pharaoh, into one of the most powerful villains and anti-heroes to ever exist. S, for the stamina of Shu, grants Black Adam essential invincibility and immortality. H, for the swiftness of Heru, allowed him to, in space, travel at trans-light speed and, on earth, match the Flash. A, for the strength of Amon, gives Black Adam a level of strength that is shown to surpass Superman and captain marvels, his rivals. Z, for the wisdom of Zehuti, gives Adam incredible levels of intelligence and knowledge. A, for the powers of Aton, empowers Black Adam’s lightning beyond that of Marvel’s, further enhances his physical abilities, grants flight, and gives resistance to magical attacks and spells. Lastly, M, for the courage of Mehen, which grants him a host of mental and physical abilities. It grants him immunity to mind control and telepathy in addition to limitless resolve. It increases his invulnerability and grants him further martial skills. In addition, he eventually gains the power of Isis who is, essentially, the number two deity in the Egyptian pathos. The power of Isis further empowers all his previous abilities in addition to granting control over nature and telekinetics. For proof of the extent of his powers, Black Adam battled to a stand-still the Marvel Family (minus captain), the Superman family, three green lanterns, and other justice league members before Captain Marvel manipulated the Rock of Eternity into changing the word of power. This was also before he was further empowered by Isis.

I think, in this fight, there is no scenario where Doomsday wins.

If you pit early Doomsday against pre-Isis Black Adam, Doomsday had not yet mutated to his full powers. If you pit later Doomsday against empowered Black Adam, the magnification of Adam’s powers give him an easy victory. The great advantage Doomsday had over Superman was Doomsday’s ferocity and lack of fear. Black Adam, however, also possesses unlimited courage and no fear. Black Adam is able to outmatch the most powerful heroes in the DC universe, Captain Marvel and Superman, both of which are capable of battling Doomsday as equals at the very least. Doomsday simply does not have any advantage over Black Adam. Also, when Doomsday fought Superman, Superman never had the gall to kill him, except in the Justice Lords universe. Black Adam has all the tenacity and ferocity of the Justice Lords Superman, in addition to more intelligence and further power, especially after the endowment of Isis. Result: Black Adam clearly wins and kills Doomsday.


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