Fight of the Week! (Crossover!)

It’s the final countdown!!!!! to Fight of the Week! (Crossover!)

This week’s fight of the week has two of television’s fiercest operatives facing off!

Jack Bauer versus John Casey! Both have similar backgrounds and both have put to rest the concept that “Field work is a young man’s game”! As the best agents of CTU and the NSA, respectively, they are two of the most highly trained and naturally endowed operatives their country has.

Jack Bauer, the protagonist from “24” is a decorated special agent a dozen times over. Formerly a captain and army ranger, Jack Bauer went to work at CTU, Counter Terrorist Unit, then eventually the DOD and FBI. Bauer has stopped terrorists from freeing a Serbian dictator, stopping a nuclear device from detonating in Los Angeles, and stopping a supervirus from killing millions. Along the way, Bauer demonstrates keen martial skills which seem to be a combination of Krav Maga, Aikido, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, in addition to illustrating expertise with various firearms and explosive devices.

His opponent, Colonel John Casey from CHUCK, is the best agent in the NSA. Sent by General Beckman along with a CIA counterpart to protect the most valuable asset ever created, the Human Intersect. John Casey repeatedly demonstrates his capacity as the best agent in the NSA in events as far ranging as defeating his former mentor Ty Bennet to killing five of the world’s most dangerous assassins in season five. John Casey is a martial expert along with being one of the world’s five best snipers, as demonstrated when he made the incredible shot the world’s best assassin was reportedly one of the five people in the world that was able to make the shot. Casey’s best physical victories were perhaps holding his own against the intersect and overcoming his former mentor Ty Bennet.

While the two have very similar backgrounds they have one very important difference: size. John Casey has between seven and eight inches on Bauer and, given their similar fighting styles, could make all the difference. Casey has demonstrated his ability to hold his own against and defeat acrobatic attackers, such as the intersect or his mentor Bennet. Bauer is better at quickly incapacitating enemies whereas Casey repeatedly illustrates his nearly unequaled proficiency in overcoming foes with similar training. Prediction: Bauer would put up a good fight, but Casey’s greater size and strength along with more experience facing adversaries with comparable instruction would put him in the clear. Casey wins this one handily.


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