Thought of the Week

This week’s thought of the week is also grammatical in nature.

The great Who versus Whom debate.

No, I am not debating their usage, I am pondering the teaching of these two crucial, but in the case of the latter, often misused, pronouns. “Whom” is a crucial part of grammar: the pronoun for the object of a sentence. Like, for example, you would not say, “You gave it to I”, you would say, “You gave it to me”. Me is the same thing as whom, the object. So, rather than saying, “Who is that for?”, it is correct to say, “Whom is that for?” as “whom” is actually the object of the preposition for, with “that” being the subject of the sentence. Whom as a concept is not difficult, it is just not taught as well in most cases.

Just food for thought, as Thought of the Week always is.


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