More fuel for the fire?

In a move that solidifies (think titanium transmuted to adamantium) the thought that Obama has “transcended” the feeble role of president, he declared, “That’s the good thing as president, I can do what I want.” Something as insignificant as the Constitution or Congress should not bother our celebrity-demigod president with things such as the LAW, right? Who really needs that whole, “Constitution” thing, right?

On a less satirical note, this attitude towards the Constitution began with a guy named Woodrow Wilson, after he coined the term “Living Constitution”, with the implication that the Constitution, a living thing, could always adapt to the needs, or whims, of the executive. This was seen thoroughly in the next in line liberal patron saint, FDR, to an extent in Clinton, and now it has a physical embodiment in Obama. Recapturing midterm seats might be the last chance: I don’t know if we can hold out until 2016.


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