Fight of the Week!

This week’s Fight of the Week! hosts two characters played by the same actor: Mel Gibson.

If you were unable to guess who they would be, I will give it away: Benjamin Martin versus William Wallace.

Benjamin Martin is based on the historical figure Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox. While some things for the character are exaggerated, Martin’s intelligence and skill for planning were not. Martin is portrayed as leading a band of guerrilla-warfare stye troops with the goal of holding the bulk of the British army in the South while Washington marshals troops in the North (this is also true historically). In the movie, Martin is shown to be a skilled marksman along with being an excellent close combat fighter with an Indian Tomahawk. Martin, with little help from his sons, defeats a British squadron.

Opposing the Swamp Fox is William Wallace,  Scottish hero. Wallace, in the movie, unites the various clans of Scotland with the goal of fighting the oppressive rule of King Edward “Longshanks” and the British. Wallace, though he pokes fun at  his own legendary status amongst the Scottish, proves himself to be a nearly unrivaled fighter with incredible resolve and strength of will. Wallace personally kills many British soldiers, which proves his strength of arms. His durability and willpower are proven throughout the movie, but none more so than at the end, where he is being tortured and, eventually, drawn and quartered. Rather than say Mercy for a quick death, he instead shouts  “Freedom” to his torturers.

This fight, with each having their chosen weapon, would be epic to behold. Martin, with his tomahawk, facing Wallace with his broadsword. The tomahawk would have advantages in the speed of the weapon, but Martin would have no way to block the powerful slash of Wallace’s broad  sword, if properly aimed. Both men are nearly unrivaled in durability, as hardships and personal hurt seem to only make them tougher. I have to say this fight would belong to Wallace, after a long, hard fought battle. The key for Wallace would be knocking Martin off balance in order to get a deadly swipe, whereas Martin would need to get Wallace to commit to a bad strike. This fight could really go either way, but I have to say that Wallace would win a VERY close brawl.


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