In what is an extremely comical move by the IRS, they apparently sent a tax return letter to a five year old. Given his age, his mother responded for him, only to have this response:

“Dear Mr. Smith: we don’t recognize Susan F. Smith as someone authorized to discuss your tax file. If you want Susan F. Smith to be authorized to discuss your return we suggest you go online and submit form 8892 and form, etc.”

So, the young boy himself wrote the IRS a letter, which you can read here:

This actually happened: IRS sent a FIVE YEAR OLD BOY a letter about his taxes, his response is hilarious

So, my only question is, did the IRS think the little boy was conservative?


One thought on “The IRS


    WE AT THE IRS DO NOT FIND THIS BLOG POST FUNNY. WE HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON. This is a nice blog….it would be a shame if something got broken.

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