National Review

Today from, I have three very interesting articles to share.

The first, by Victor Davis Hanson, is about the new myth regarding Obama essentially being the reincarnation of Eisenhower. This myth has been perpetuated by falsehoods about both presidencies, but usually centered around Ike being, essentially, an isolationist in this historical revision. Ike is portrayed as a president who balanced the budget and created jobs by keeping America totally out of foreign entanglements, but this is simply not true. This is not to say Eisenhower was a poor president, far from it; he was really the first president to start the containment plan for the soviets and arguably kept the Chinese communists out of Taiwan. Hanson does an excellent job debunking the falsehoods of Eisenhower while also affirming his success. (On a side note, what I find ironic about Obama trying to connect himself to Eisenhower is that the 50’s are usually the era most demonized by liberals.)

This second article, entitled “Progressivism’s War on Winners”, by Mary Eberstadt is not, like I first thought, an article about the progressive idea that “everyone is a winner”. Instead, this article is about the travesty of Christian charities that are being assaulted because of conditions preventing them from helping those in need. The primary example in the article is a Catholic charity called “Little Sisters of the Poor”, who have a court case against the administration on the grounds that, “their refusal to comply with the HHS contraception-and-abortifacients mandate on grounds of conscience will incur some $2.5 million in annual fines”. The article goes on to describe the perversion where liberals, who proclaim themselves to be the party of the poor or of the needy, establish so many roadblocks in front of charities.

Lastly, by Jonah Goldberg, we have an article that is his response to the “Ban Bossy” uproar. Goldberg makes  the excellent point that bossy is NOT gender specific (I personally hear guys scolded for being bossy MUCH more than girls). In addition, as with almost all “uproars” of this type, the data collected was from over 20 years ago. Beyond this, Goldberg points out the continuing trend that is benefiting females much more than men.


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