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Today I have for you not one, not two, not even THREE, but five things to share with you! I hope you’re as excited as I am.

The first two are both by Thomas Sowell, an excellent author and columnist for National Review. In the first article, “Who is Racist?” Sowell excellently describes the condition of “race relations” today, particularly regarding the popular black “leaders”. Sowell points out that, unlike the legitimate repression of years past, these so-called leaders rely on self-victimization (the race card) in order to acquire wealth and power.

The second article, “The Left Versus Minorities” is centered around the Left’s attacks on schools, particularly the charter school system in New York under Blasio. Charter Schools are schools that allow students outside their district to enlist at no additional cost. The purpose of these schools is to allow students who desire a better scholastic environment the ability to escape their district. This seems to be a scenario that is purely beneficial, yes? Who would oppose this? The Teacher’s Union. The Teacher’s Union is arguably the most powerful union in the United States today, and arguably is single-handedly behind the problems in education in the country. The reason is this: in a union in states without At Will or Right to Work laws, employees essentially cannot be fired, no matter how incompetent. So, in the case of teachers, a teacher who simply does not care or exert effort and floats students by will remain in a school system. This then continues the cycle where students in low income families are stuck in said district and will likely remain low-income themselves as they lack a good education. Charter Schools provide a fix for this, as students can attend these schools anywhere, but these are an enormous threat to the Teacher’s Union, as they must actually work to keep their jobs (such a ridiculous concept, isn’t it).

The third article, by Victor Davis Hanson (he seems to be a recurring character on this stage), is entitled “Following the Trail Nixon Blazed”. In contrast to his last article, where Hanson took apart the claim that Obama is essentially Eisenhower 2.0, Hanson brilliantly lays out the similarities between Obama and Nixon. The similarities are boggling indeed, right down to attempts to use the IRS as a weapon by the latter and the success of this by the former. In addition, Nixon also selectively enforced a law he thought would be cumbersome, exactly as Obama has done with the ACA. The main difference between these two, however, is their environment. Nixon lived with a media that was determined to bring him down, whereas Obama lives with a media determined to make things as easy for him as possible. For the rest of the correlations, you can read Hanson’s superb article here:

The last informational article I have to share was written by Senator Jeff Sessions titled “Becoming the Party of Work”. The title is because for the past few years, and this was heavily apparent in the last two presidential elections,  the Republican party has lost contact with its base: the middle class. The middle class has always been the base for the Republican Party, and is arguably the most powerful section in American politics. Sessions writes an article detailing how the GOP can regain this lost segment of its base by going against amnesty. On the issue of amnesty, it appears both parties, for the most part, are spouting the same message. For some reason, Republicans are kowtowing to the Democrats at every turn, from not calling out the egregious illegality of the actions of the president to the actions of other senators to going along with their self-destructive immigration policies. Sessions writes how that supporting these broad policies are doubly destructive for the Republican party, as the Democrats already have their votes unquestionably, and that the middle class is opposed to amnesty for the most part. In addition, the expenditure on programs such as this, including the means-tested-poverty assistance cost more than Social Security, Medicaid, or Military Spending. The middle class is the sleeping titan of American politics, a fact successful politicians know well. In the aftermath of George H. W. Bush’s “No new taxes” scandal, Bill Clinton was able to ride the wave of the Middle Class, who had been staunch Reaganites, to the presidency by focusing his campaign there (despite making detrimental policies).

Lastly, on a purely amusing note, I have an article from The Onion to share with you,35499/?ref=auto


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