Party of Money

As a conservative, one of the most annoying (and false) stereotypes out there is the idea that the Republican party, and conservatives in general, is the party of Big Business and the 1% whereas the Democratic party and liberals are the party of everyone else. If you look at nearly any of the wealthiest Americans (Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, for example), they nearly unanimously favor Democrats. This can be seen elsewhere by most big businesses throughout the past decades as well, from Microsoft of today to Carnegie steel years ago. The questions that begged to be asked when this information is provided are “Why is this so?” and “How can this be?” (Also, “So this means my Liberal overlords have not been telling me the truth?”, but we all know the answer to this one). The answer to these questions can be found in the book Atlas Shrugged.

So as to avoid spoilers for those of my readers who have not read Ayn Rand’s masterpiece, I will just give a bit of background information. In Atlas Shrugged, the world has undergone a communist style revolution, with America being the last country not 100% communist and collapsed (throughout the book, sending aid to the collapsed countries is a common motif), however it is on the brink as well. The massive, socialist government worked hand in hand with big businesses in order to eliminate “competition”, or, in other words, the Free Market. The big business owners of the Steel and Railroad corporations (allusion to the semisocialist Robber Barons such as Carnegie who was heavily in favor of nationalizing Carnegie Steel in order to eliminate that annoying “Free Market” factor which got in the way of total profit) colluded with the big government in order to get copious amounts of handouts for doing little work, as one Steel Magnate, paid according to need rather than ability, was being paid more for producing less. This kind of thinking, elimination of competition alongside the promise of government protections or handouts is what makes the Democrats the party of the Rich and Big Business.

Before the rollout (roll could be too strong of a word, perhaps ooze is better) of Obamacare, while the ACA was still being negotiated, most of the giant corporations were negotiating to get themselves exemptions from the bill, as they have done in the past. The reason for this is big business, despite the Democratic rhetoric, is step one in a socialist revolution (as outlined by Karl Marx, although, and this is for you Thomas Piketty: Karl Marx wasn’t late, just wrong. Pretty much. Sorry communism). Karl Marx wrote that before there can be a proletariat revolution, there had to be a surge of the bourgeois, the natural enemy of the proletariat. The revolution will take place after the bourgeois has swollen so that it cannot support its own size, at which point society will transcend and become a truly socialist state (and, if you ask Charles Fourier, the seas would turn into lemonade). In other words, big business is viewed as a transition between the bourgeois and the proletariat, but would this not mean that the Democrats would be better served attempting to destroy them rather than aid them?

The answer to this can be found in the “Great Social Experiment” as the Soviet Union was recently called by the sports announcers on MSNBC. The destruction of business and industry gets people nowhere, as the leaders of communism saw. So, to deal with this, they utilized the “Soviets”, the local elected councils, to organize the workers. Does this sound familiar? This is exactly the same function as unions have today, and both have incredible amounts of power and influence over politics. The ultimate goal of the socialist revolution, as portrayed in Atlas Shrugged and to an extent in the Soviet Union is to use big business as a stepping stone to eventually nationalize through workers unions controlling individual workers and the rest of society.


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