Actions speak louder than words

In my opinion, one of modern liberalism’s greatest victories was convincing the world at large, through revisionist history and the principle of “tell a lie often enough and loud enough and someone will believe it”, that Fascism is the extreme for right wing politics, pointing to the dictatorships of Mussolini and Hitler as their evidence. The reasoning, according to them, is mostly based on the fact that Hitler and Mussolini were avid enemies of communism, persecuting them relentlessly in their respective countries. This reasoning, however, is inherently flawed in two ways.

Firstly, through the simple reasoning of hating Soviet communism, then the Chinese communists would have to be ruled as reactionaries as well, when they are clearly communist. It is much in the same way with Fascism and Communism, they are identical, but as so often happens with powerhouses that are nearly identical, a harsh rivalry forms. (For a sports analogy, think Ravens-Steelers. Duplicates but the harshest of rivals. While opposites attract in relation to electric charge, similarities push away).

A simile that someone recently told me  is that the political spectrum is like a horseshoe as opposed to a line. You have what is considered political conservatives today (economic liberals in terms of the Enlightenment such as John Locke, Adam Smith, etc) in the middle of this horseshoe, with fascism at the top of one side and communism at the other. An interesting comparison to this horseshoe theory would be its relation to the pH scale. While the pH scale is considered a line, both extremes are relatively similar. Consider this: to clear a drain clog, you use Drano (an incredibly strong base) to break down the materials , but the break down of materials is exactly what an acid does.

While I find the aforementioned simile theory interesting, I take a stance that is similar to Jonah Goldberg’s in his book Liberal Fascism in that I believe saying Fascism is far right, instead of just another type of communism (the term Nazi itself is a shortened title for the National Socialist party). For example, in Nazi Germany universal welfare and healthcare was supported in addition to big businesses being nationalized. Both of these are key characteristics of a communist society.



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