I have a few different books to recommend my viewers, true believers and new-comers alike (No, I am not Stan Lee).

For a political book, I recommend either The Tyranny of Clichés: How Liberals Cheat in the War of Ideas or Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Change, both by Jonah Goldberg. The latter of the two I have referenced in another post, but both are excellent.

For a superb history book, I recommend The Soul of Battle: From Ancient Times to the Present Day, How Three Great Liberators Vanquished Tyranny, by the renowned (both to readers of my blog and to the world at large) military historian Victor Davis Hanson. Hanson brilliantly analyzes the three subject generals, Epaminondas of Thebes, General William Tecumseh Sherman of the Civil War and General George Patton of World War II. All three generals, as Hanson demonstrates in his book, have more than a few things in common, such as some of their beliefs and behaviors, but above all they turned a civilian militia into an army that defeated the greatest threats to democracy of their times.

For a science fiction book, I can recommend both Steelheart, by Brandon Sanderson, or for Star Wars fans, the Thrawn trilogy (beginning with Heir to the Empire), by Timothy Zahn. The former is set in a modern day world where beings with superhuman powers, called Epics, have taken swaths of the world as domains with humans too often becoming casualties in their wars against each other or to their asperity. The Thrawn trilogy takes place after the events of the Galactic Civil War (after the Return of the Jedi film), where a brilliant Grand Admiral ascends to control of the Galactic Empire, much to the peril of the fledgling New Republic.

For a fantasy novel (it’d be cliché to recommend Tolkien, so I won’t), I suggest Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time , if you are interested in a longer series, or one of Brandon Sanderson’s (yes, same guy as up there) novels, such as Elantris. Sanderson also just released the second book in his Knights of Radiance series, which is also superb.



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