The 1%: hated enemy or our hero?

Anyone even vaguely familiar with the modern liberal rhetoric has undoubtedly heard of the demonizing of the dreaded 1%. But what exempts Michael Bloomberg from this? With an estimated net worth of 33 billion dollars, he is one of the richest men in the United States, indeed, in the world. He is at the very top of the much scorned 1%, and yet you never hear him demonized by the left. But on the other side of the coin, the Koch brothers, conservative billionaire philanthropists, are attacked brutally nearly everyday by the left. Now, the left would counter with the fact that Bloomberg is also attacked by conservatives on a near daily basis as well, but the significance is not what is being done, but how it is being done. Conservatives attack Bloomberg for his actions and his desire for a Nanny State (with he and the liberal elite in charge, of course), but Liberals, the party of feeling, must resort to personal attacks. For example, MSNBC contributor Dana Milbank literally compared the Koch brothers to demons wielding pitchforks.  Earlier in this same interview, Milbank proposed a rhetorical question regarding  why had the Democrats not resorted to attacking the Koch brothers sooner.  The quintessential difference in all of this comes down to the basest part of how Conservatives and Liberals fight one another. Conservatives think Liberals have atrocious ideas, but Liberals think Conservatives are atrocious people.

Looking objectively at some of the actions of both of them, with the obvious exception of sides, very little is different. A current estimation of the Koch brother’s spending, including campaign donations and the like, puts the total at around 200 million dollars. Michael Bloomberg while mayor spent nearly 1 BILLION to promote his own agenda in New York, not counting anything else. Earlier this year, Bloomberg announced he budgeted 50 million to combat the NRA. Nearly a fourth of the estimated spending of the Koch brothers in recent years all for a single event. The Koch brothers, according to the liberal rhetoric, are guilty of buying the elections for Conservatives, and yet they pale in comparison to the Liberal guardian angel Michael Bloomberg. If modern liberalism was a building, it would be built upon twin foundations: sensationalism and hypocrisy. Sensationalism to rouse up all the emotion there is to garner, and hypocrisy to manipulate the energy generated.  “Feelings are not supposed to be logical. Dangerous is the man who has rationalized his emotions.” I believe this summarizes much of what is wrong with the liberal rhetoric; liberalism wants to generate emotions in people and declare it is logic or knowledge or understanding, but this is not only wrong, it is dangerous. When we let our emotions rule our lives, we lose much of what it is to be human. Animals are ruled by instinct and fear, humans must rule with knowledge and a clear mind.


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