Fight of the Week! Crossover!

Minions and demons and robots, oh my!

(Images of the Parademons and Doombots belong to DC and Marvel, respectively.)

Parademons versus Doombots!

Parademons are the eternally loyal minions of Darkseid. They possess superhuman strength and endurance but are lacking in intelligence. They are never encountered on their own, only in groups. Darkseid employs them as a short of shock troop for invasions with multiple purposes ranging from search and destroy missions, reinforcements as infantry, or capture of enemy personnel. They are fanatically loyal to Darkseid and bear a nearly unlimited resolve. The strength of the Parademons in great numbers is such that they have killed Solomon Grundy as well as temporarily overwhelmed Superman.









Doombots are the  automatons created by Dr. Doom to provide multiple functions. One class of Doombots function as impersonators he sends to areas he believes is too dangerous or he is unsure of his victory so as to not risk himself. The second class, the more commonly known of the two, are the fighting Doombots. Although there are many incarnation of this kind of Doombots, such as Vibranium or Giant Doombots, the standard Doombots are more common throughout all of Marvel. These standard robots possess weaker versions of the capabilities granted to Doom by his armor, both for ease of mass production and to ensure that they never gain too much power and attempt to replace him. Doombots have superhuman strength, although the extent of this varies with each version, but they tend to have a strength comparable to Spiderman. They also possess minor levels of superhuman agility, as well as energy projections out of their hands or eyes. As part of their disguise to act as Dr. Doom, except in the presence of another Doombot or Doom himself, they have an advanced circuitry that can trick minor telepaths into believing it is in fact Dr. Doom.

The fight between these two vicious minions would certainly do their masters proud. In a one-on-one fight, I think the Doombots would win, hands down, as Parademons work significantly better in concert than alone. In a group of equal numbers, however, I think the fight would be more even. In close combat, the Parademons would get the upper hand, as their ferocity gives them an edge. From a distance, the Doombots would certainly be able to blast several with their energy blasts. Even though Parademons are virtually paragons of ferocity, I have to give the fight to the Doombots, alone or in a group. With their advanced A.I. programming, the Doombots would be able to formulate a strategy to defeat the Parademons with minor losses as a group or handily as a solo fight.



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