Instant Draft Reaction: Pittsburgh and New Orleans Edition

(Note: I will be writing a full draft reaction post, this is exclusively in regards to the Pittsburgh and New Orleans picks)

Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh…. I know the draft isn’t over yet, but WHY?!? WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY?!?! First round, Dennard is still on the board. The position Pittsburgh needs the most, by FAR, is Cornerback. Dennard is one of the top 3 CBs in the draft. Instead, they go for ANOTHER OLB, namely Ryan Shazier. Are they already writing off Jarvis Jones as a lost cause? With the glaring loss of Keenan Lewis (To New Orleans, Tee Hee) and the general lackluster of their other secondary with the exception of Taylor (who is getting old), CB was Pittsburgh’s number one need by far. But, unfortunately, the draft woes do not end there. In round 2, Pittsburgh passed on Louis Nix and opted for his teammate from Notre Dame, Stephon Tuit. Even though Nix fell shockingly far, until the Texans traded up to grab him with the 19th pick of the 3rd round, I think they really messed up in those first two picks.
UPDATE: Another running back? !?! Seriously? !?

On the other side of my favorite teams we have New Orleans. Mickey Loomis, the New Orleans General Manager, in a move that is characteristically bold moved up to grab Brandon Cooks, the fastest WR in the draft to finally give Brees another decent weapon besides Stills and Graham (sorry Coulston, just never been that impressed with you). In the second round, however, New Orleans opted to grab a Cornerback, Stan Jean-Baptiste. While I am strongly in favor of defensive picks, particularly in the secondary, I think they should have prioritized an OT in the second, with many good OTs in the Draft, especially since they do not have a 3rd round pick.


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