When did Brett Farve come out of retirement?

Before you run to your fantasy football site to pick him up, Brett Farve did not un-retire again (Although, if the Cardinals came a’knockin…). What is meant by this is that despite all of the comparisons of Andrew Luck to some sort of mix between Peyton Manning and Ben Roethlisberger, there is another QB that Luck’s play style resembles very closely: Brett Farve.

Farve played to win,every single drive. He took the shots that other QBs would have shied away from whether because of lacking the physical talent to do so or are just not as bold. Very few quarterbacks that are as bold as Farve was became so successful, but it looks like Andrew Luck might be doing the same thing. Fitting the ball into windows other signal callers might shy away from might as well have been Farve’s trademark pass, although this did periodically come back to haunt him, as the NFL’s former career leader in TD passes also has the most career interceptions. Naturally, this is of course part of what happens when playing for such a long time: Farve is credited with playing 20 seasons in the NFL. But it appears that Andrew Luck might be able to pick up where Farve left off in terms of bold passing. In an era where teams are devoted to the screen pass and catch-and-run plays, seeing a little of that boldness come back to the game certainly makes it interesting.


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