“My Conversation with Business Insider about Net Neutrality” (from Mark Cuban’s blog)

Brilliant conversation by Mark Cuban on the topic of Net Neutrality.

For those of my readers unaware of what Net Neutrality is, let me illustrate. In a recent post, I mentioned how virtually all forms of industry right now have reached a veritable stand still because of government regulation, and that software and the internet was basically the final refuge of innovation safe from regulation. Well, Net Neutrality is a bill proposed by the government to bring regulation to the internet. What the proponents will tell you it is doing is ensuring companies do not censor information from their users. What it actually is doing, however, is killing competition. It is preventing, among other things, companies, such as Netflix, paying for increased capabilities for their users. An example of this was a deal that Netflix struck with the company Comcast to increase their stream speeds after an increase of Netflix users on Comcast caused a backup leading to increasingly slow speeds. After the deal, however, the speeds went up to even higher than before. Net Neutrality is trying to eliminate the greatest source of innovation in the world: competition.

My Conversation with Business Insider about Net Neutrality.


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